We had people around yesterday and Iyla was pretty much awake all day long from around 11am ish. She hardly slept all day, maybe a few little 10 minute naps. Last night she didn’t sleep much either, probably around 6 hours in total and this morning she’s wide awake. I have no idea what to do? she’s yawning and then becoming awake again. She’s in her swing at the moment and staring at the art on the walls. She’s due a poo as she didn’t go yesterday, maybe that is bugging her? she is trying you can tell.

Also trying to get her to sleep in the cot after co-sleeping. No idea what to do yet again.

We rock her and settle her to sleep, put her down and she’ll wake up after 10 minutes or so.

I’ve googled online but can’t seem to find much. In regards of Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. How far can you backdate?

Iyla is 7 weeks old on Sunday and I was just wondering how far you can backdate both claims? do you backdate it from her DOB?

Help, please?!

Gone so quickly

We can’t believe that in 4 days time our baby Iyla will be a month old!

It’s gone so quickly?!

She’s sleeping so much better, picking up a routine, still getting constipation but she’s starting to smile and she laughs so much in her sleep, its lovely to hear her giggle and chuckle.

She was smiling at me this morning when I made noises at her.

Took the bub to the hospital today about her constipation, she had a suppository and about 35 minutes later she finally pooed.

Has anybody else’s bub had this? and did it continue to work and help afterwards or was it just a one off?